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Section 4 Shopping, cooking and eating out

This section aims to:

  • help you put into practice your knowledge of eating well.

It will help you to:

  • look at your shopping pattern
  • read food labels more critically
  • choose healthier snacks
  • make healthier meals and packed lunches
  • make the most of eating out and social occasions.

The section is divided into four parts:

  1. SHOPPING gives you some tips for when you're shopping for food.
  2. LABELS explains what the nutritional labels mean and how to make good use of them. It also explains what nutritional claims such as 'low in cholesterol' or 'low calorie' really mean.
  3. MAKING HEALTHIER MEALS AND PACKED LUNCHES gives you some guidelines on how to adapt the meals you prepare yourself, to give them a healthier balance.
  4. EATING OUT AND TAKEAWAYS offers some advice on choosing where to go and what to have from the menu. It also gives some specific ideas for choosing the healthiest options.

Section 1 Getting ready to shape up

Section 2 The Shape-Up healthy eating plan

Section 3 Getting more active

Section 5 Keeping going

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