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Lunch on the go

From time to time you may need to buy your lunch from a supermarket or shop, for example a ready made sandwich or a salad bowl. There are a huge variety of sandwiches available, which makes it difficult to know what to buy. Below are some suggestions which will help you choose a healthier option.

  • Choose sandwiches from the supermarkets/food manufacturers healthy eating range
  • Avoid the larger packs (those which offer 3 sandwich triangles rather than 2)
  • Look for less than 280 kcal and 6g fat per sandwich pack
  • Avoid sandwiches with mayonnaise/salad dressings
  • Choose sandwiches with contain salad/vegetables - such as Chicken salad sandwich, Ham salad sandwich. This adds bulk to the sandwich and will fill you up
  • Watch out for the salads/salad bowls, they may seem a healthier option but some contain very high amounts of fat. When choosing a salad bowl look for less 280 kcal and 6g fat per pack
  • Avoid the temptation of picking up a packet of crisps or chocolate bar. Many shops now sell fresh fruit, fruit salads and dried fruit, so choose these instead.

Link: Lunch ideas

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