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Nutrient content claims

Claim Meaning
Reduced energy, fat, sugar or sodium Must contain a quarter less of the nutrient than a comparable food
Low sugar Less than 5g per 100g/ml
Low fat Less than 3g per 100g/ml
Low sodium Less than 40mg per 100g/ml
No added sugar/unsweetened The food has not had sugar added to it as an ingredient, this doesn't mean that the food will not taste sweet or that it will have a low sugar content
Free from.. fat, sugar, sodium Contains virtually none
Lite/Light/Diet This can mean anything, the law doesn't say what it means, so manufacturers can use these terms to convey different qualities of food, for example its texture or taste
High fibre Contains more than 6g of fibre per 100gd
Health claims These are statements about the beneficial effect of the food, or its ingredients, on the body. For example "helps maintain a healthy heart". The law says that any claim must be true and must not be misleading, but it doesn't require claims to be checked before they are used.
Healthy eating logos Some supermarkets have developed healthy eating ranged of foods. The foods will have reduced amounts of fat, calories, sugar or salt. The supermarkets may have used different criteria to define the foods. To decide whether they are better choices compare the nutrition label from the healthy eating product to the label on a standard product.


To find out more information on food labeling, click here to visit the Food Standards Agency website

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