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Habit Forming

If you think of exercise as a chore, or as something you have to psych yourself up to do, then it is quite likely that you won’t stick to it. One of the most helpful things you can do is to make a habit out of activity.

Once you have gotten to the stage where climbing the stairs is a habit, you don’t think about it - you just do it. Motivational problems will rapidly disappear as you become less conscious of the effort that is required.

  • Start thinking of exercise in terms of your daily life
  • Get yourself into the position where short bursts of activity become a habit. Don’t think of exercise as something you set time aside for, think of it as something you do during the course of the day, or whilst doing other things
  • Try setting yourself a specific goal to make exercise habitual
  • Pay special attention to the feeling of satisfaction you get after exercising

Make It Enjoyable

Set Goals and Track Progress

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