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Pedometer FAQ:

How do I attach my pedometer?

The best way to attach a pedometer is to clip it to a belt in between your hip and the top of your thigh. If you don't wear a belt, then the top of your trousers/skirt is good enough, as long as it is firmly attached and won't wobble from side to side. Make sure the pedometer stays horizontal; it will not count accurately if attached at an angle. A pedometer will not work correctly if you put it in your pocket.

What kind of batteries do they use?

All the pedometers we tested used small 'watch-type' batteries, they tend to last about a year but they are very cheap and easy to replace.

Where can I buy a pedometer?

A good range of pedometers can be found in most specialist sport shops and department stores. Pedometers can also be bought online.

My pedometer makes a rattling sound, is it broken?

The lever-arm in the pedometer makes a noise as you take steps; your pedometer is therefore probably not broken.

What are the shortcomings of a pedometer?

  • Buying a pedometer won't make you more active, you need to do that for yourself.
  • They do not take exercise intensity into account, so will underestimate the energy costs of walking uphill, or up stairs.
  • It won't take other activities into account, e.g., carrying shopping, gym workouts and cycling.


What is a pedometer?

Why is a pedometer useful?

Buying a pedometer

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