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About the Shape-Up Programme

Shape-Up is an innovative lifestyle programme to help you manage your weight, improve your health and enhance your quality of life.

  • Shape-Up is not a diet or an eating plan. And it is not just about weight loss.
  • It is a psychological approach to managing eating and physical activity over the long term.

If you want to control your weight, understanding your own eating patterns and learning to deal with temptation is as important as knowing what to eat.


The Shape-Up Workbook


The Shape-Up Programme can be used by:

  • people who want to lose weight, or
  • people who do not want to put on any more weight.


Important Information

To check whether the Shape Up programme is suitable for you, please click here.


The Shape-Up Programme will help you to:

  • limit further weight gain
  • achieve modest weight loss
  • get into a regular eating pattern
  • balance the types of food that you eat
  • reduce your tendency to overeat
  • become more physically active


The background to Shape-Up

The idea for the Shape-Up programme came from a group of health professionals who had worked with groups of overweight people. They found that overweight people had much more success in adopting a healthy lifestyle if they used advice from both dietitians and psychologists. The Shape-Up programme combines expertise in psychology, nutrition, exercise and health promotion to maximise your chance of success.

It's not a programme that you start and then finish a few weeks or months later. Instead it gives you the skills and the knowledge that will help you to carry on with a healthy lifestyle for a lifetime. You may want to re-visit parts of the programme in years to come.


For further information about the content of the Shape-Up workbook, click here.

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