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Section 1 Getting ready to Shape Up

This section aims to:

  • give an introduction to weight problems
  • outline the Shape-Up approach, and
  • help you to plan carefully the changes you want to make.

It will help you to:

  • examine your level of motivation
  • consider the difficulties you may have in making changes
  • set the stage for the rest of the programme, and
  • learn some new skills that will enable you to manage your eating and activity better.

The section is divided into three parts:

  1. WEIGHT CONCERNS talks about why overweight is so common in the UK and how it can affect health. It also explains how to check whether you're overweight.
  2. THE SHAPE-UP APPROACH TO WEIGHT MANAGEMENT explains how knowledge, skills and motivation to change will help you to make permanent changes to your eating and activity habits.
  3. PAVING THE WAY describes a way to help you analyse your eating and physical activity problems, and teaches you some useful skills including self-monitoring (keeping a careful record of what you do), setting realistic goals and rewarding yourself for your achievements.

Section 2 The Shape-Up healthy eating plan

Section 3 Getting more active

Section 4 Shopping, cooking and eating out

Section 5 Keeping going

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