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Section 2 The Shape Up healthy eating plan

This section aims to:

  • offer you the current scientific information about food and nutrition, and
  • guide you through a 3-step plan that will help you control your weight.

The section will help you to:

  • increase your understanding of the link between nutrition, health and weight
  • keep to a regular eating pattern
  • get a healthier balance of foods
  • gradually adjust the quality of food you eat

The section takes you through the three steps of changing your eating. It's important to work through these steps in this order:

Step 1 is about getting into a regular eating pattern.

Step 2 is about getting a healthier balance.

Step 3 helps you to maintain your motivation and, if you do lapse, to learn from your lapses. Only when you get to Step 3 do you start thinking about cutting down on the quantity of food that you eat.

Section 1 Getting ready to shape up

Section 3 Getting more active

Section 4 Shopping, cooking and eating out

Section 5 Keeping going

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