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Section 3 Getting more active

This section aims to:

  • increase your knowledge about physical activity and how it relates to your weight and your overall health
  • help you decide what kind of activity is the most appropriate for you, and
  • help you to get started, and to keep going.

The section is divided into three parts:

  1. PREPARING YOURSELF FOR GETTING MORE ACTIVE looks at all the reasons for becoming more physically active.
  2. THE SHAPE-UP ACTIVITY PLAN takes you through three steps to build up to a more active lifestyle.

    Step 1 is about reducing the amount of time you spend sitting down.

    Step 2 is about increasing lifestyle activity.

    Step 3 is about doing more organised activity and sports.

    The section also talks through safety tips and setting some personal goals.


Section 1 Getting ready to shape up

Section 2 The Shape-Up healthy eating plan

Section 4 Shopping, cooking and eating out

Section 5 Keeping going

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