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Section 5 Keeping going

This section aims to:

provide you with information and advice to help you keep going with the changes you have made to your lifestyle.

It will help you to:

  • understand and deal with the different sorts of ‘triggers’ for unhealthy behaviour
  • think your way out of difficult situations
  • practise ‘damage limitation’ during the tempting times and
  • turn your lifestyle changes into long-term healthy habits

The section is divided into five parts:

  1. DEALING WITH EXTERNAL TRIGGERS talks about how to resist things like the sight and smell of tempting but unhealthy food
  2. DEALING WITH INTERNAL TRIGGERS suggests how to combat hunger, cravings and unhelpful thoughts
  3. LAPSES AND RELAPSES looks at how to manage times when you stray away from your healthy eating or activity plan
  4. PLANNING shows how being prepared can help you succeed
  5. GETTING SUPPORT FROM OTHERS suggests ways you can try to ensure your family, friends and health professionals are as supportive as possible.

Section 1 Getting ready to shape up

Section 2 The Shape-Up healthy eating plan

Section 3 Getting more active

Section 4 Shopping, cooking and eating out

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