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Guidelines for Nutrition and Physical Activity Within Shape-Up

The nutritional guidance within Shape-Up follows current recommendations for a healthy, balanced diet. However, Shape-Up also recommends portion sizes equivalent to a total daily intake of 1200-1500 calories for women and 1500-1800 calories for men.

For more information about what contributes to a healthy, balanced diet click here:

Physical activity guidance in the Shape-Up programme follows a three step plan:

  • Reducing sedentary activity
  • Increasing lifestyle activity
  • Increasing organised activity and sports

This includes an initial recommendation of 30 minutes' moderate activity a day, building up to 60-90 minutes a day for maintenance of weight loss.

Moderate intensity activity is defined as any form of exercise that makes you breath harder than usual and feel warm, while still being able to hold a conversation.

For further details about the content of Shape-Up please click here.

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