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Sandwich ideas


Use different types of breads to add variety, such as wholemeal bread, a bagel, a roll, pitta bread or a tortilla wrap

Add some salad to the sandwich

Only use a thin scraping of low fat spread-some fillings will not require spread

Choose lean meat or reduced fat cheese

If the filling is dry use a small amount of low fat mayonnaise


Low fat sandwich fillings

  • Lean meat/poultry (such as chicken or ham) with salad
  • Tuna and sweetcorn (no mayonnaise)
  • Lean ham and mustard
  • Boiled egg and salad (no mayonnaise)
  • Lean ham and tomato
  • Tuna and cucumber
  • Low fat cheese spread with salad
  • Cottage cheese and pineapple
  • Hummus with grated carrot


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