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The Science of Obesity Conference



This unique one day course was ideal for people working in weight management, or for those who wanted to expand their knowledge base. Participants gained a more detailed understanding of the science behind obesity and how this knowledge can be integrated into clinical care and patient communication. 



Understanding the science behind the statistics will help to communicate the challenges and risks to patients, commissioners and colleagues and answer key questions like: 


“Is it just my genes?”

 “Does this BMI apply to my ethnicity?”

“Why is my son always hungry?”


 The day was developed by psychologists, dietitians, researchers and physicians specialising in obesity and weight management. The day was facilitated by a research dietitian and medical practitioner with guest speakers presenting the latest research from their specialist areas.

The course was open to anyone with an interest in weight management.


How can we improve weight management?

We asked health professionals what they thought about the availability of weight management support and resources for the public. Click here for their responses.




 Key note address: Gill Moffet, Policy Lead, Obesity Team, Department of Health


The Science of Energy Balance and Body Composition -Dr Nick Finer Hon Professor, Consultant Endocrinologist and Bariatric Physician

Sleep: a novel risk factor for obesity? - Dr Abigail Fisher, Health Behaviour Research Centre



Ethnic Difference in Body Fat and Composition; Do they really exist? - Prof. H. David McCarthy, London Metropolitan University


Nutritional needs of obese children - Dr Laura Stewart, Team Lead, Paediatric Overweight Service, Tayside


Set Point Theory: dictating the amount of fat; can it be changed?  - Dr George Grimble, Principle Teaching Fellow, UCL/ Reader in Clinical Nutrition, University of Reading


“My parents are big, it runs in the family”: inherited behavioural susceptibility to obesity - Dr. Clare Llewellyn, Health Behaviour Research Centre

Talking to patients about the genetics of obesity - Susanne Meisel, Cancer Research UK, PhD Studentship 


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