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Get More Active, Feel Less Tired


It's true- the research shows that regular physical activity gives you more energy.

Read the evidence below from a recent review:

Large scale surveys asked people to report on how active they are, and how often they feel tired.

The more active a person is, the more likely they are to report frequent feelings of energy. Sedentary people experience more feelings of low energy and fatigue.

Experiments have been conducted that either increase or decrease the amount of activity a person does to see how this affects their feelings of energy.

Making People Less Active:
When a group of healthy young men were forced to endure 20 days of bed rest, they reported much higher levels of fatigue and much lower levels of energy than before the experiment.

Making People More Active:
Patients with various fatigue-related medical conditions, who were given between 10-20 weeks of exercise training reported large increases in feelings of energy and vitality, compared to similar patients who didn't receive any exercise.

The Conclusions:
The review came to the following conclusions:

More Activity = Less Fatigue - There is a clear link between doing regular physical activity and feeling more energetic and less tired.

Less is More - The best type of activity to increase feelings of energy is low to moderate intensity activity. More intense athlete style training can actually have the opposite effect on feelings of energy by creating a form of activity burn-out.

Who gains the most - The people who will experience the biggest increases in energy levels from taking regular exercise, are those who are currently sedentary and who already report feeling fatigued.

In other words, the people with the greatest need, will get the most benefit.

Ref: O'Connor & Puetz. (2005) Medicine & Science in Sports and Exercise. 37: pp299-305.


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Becoming More Active, Wherever You're Starting From

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