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Fundraising for a charity can be immensely rewarding and lots of fun! If you decide to fundraise for Weight Concern, we will help to make your event both successful and enjoyable.

Weight Concern has been selected to participate in the Big Give Christmas Challenge 2012. The Big Give Christmas Challenge has raised over £30 million for hundreds of charities over the last four years.

The Challenge is a unique opportunity to gain valuable funding for Weight Concern. Donations made to Weight Concern by the public in December 2012 will be matched by a combination of our generous supporters and our Big Give Charity Champion. Big Give Charity Champions are foundations, businesses and individuals who provide matching funds for the charity.

There are a number of phases to the Big Give Challenge, the first of which is where we aim to raise £2000 in 'pledges' from our trustees and supporters, if we achieve this pledge target of £2000 it will then be combined with a further potential £2000 from our Big Give Charity Champion, (who has personally selected our charity for 2012). We then need to raise an additional £4000 from the public in December 2012 to secure the pledge funding promised from our trustees and supporters (£2000) and from our Charity Champion funding (up to £2000).

You can find full details of the Christmas Challenge and how your pledge will enable us to be a part of the UK's largest Matched Funding Challenge on the or contact us at

Please note that if you pledge to Weight Concern in this phase, you will not be able to make an online donation to us during December - as your pledge will be used to match these donations.

To make a pledge, please fill out our pledge form by Sunday 14th October at:

Please note that the minimum pledge value is £100, however there is no minimum donation value in the public donation phase in December 2012.

Weight Concern are currently working with an organisation called Activity4charity to take part in a 6 week pedometer fundraising event this summer. You can walk, run or cycle to achieve the daily aim of 10,000 steps. It is an exciting way to include physical activity into our busy lives. Click here for more details.

Fundraising can begin anywhere, at home, at work or in your local community. Read some of the stories and ideas below and see if you're inspired to set up your own event and start fundraising for Weight Concern...

Click here to read about people who have fundraised for us

- A sponsored swim, bike ride, walk, run, zumba, or yoga. It can be as far as you want it and can be indoors or outside. You could do the challenge with a group of friends or individually. We can provide t-shirts and sponsorship forms.

- Dress down day at work. Or fancy dress –such as Terrible Ties and Tights day.

- Set up a quiz in your local area, at work or with friends and family.

- Give up a bad habit- Stop smoking, cut down on alcohol and fizzy drinks or swap your daily choclate fix for a healthier option and ask friends and colleagues to sponsor you in your success.

- Start a swap shop; it could be books, clothes, recipes. This could take place at work or at home and you could charge a fee for each swap.

- 'Grow your own' competition – grow your own vegetables and see who’s grows the biggest or tastes the best.

- Guess the amount of “something” in the jar, or guess the weight of “something”. This is a good fundraiser at work as people can pay to guess and the winner wins whatever you are guessing.

- Create a picture or word out of the coins you raise – it could be stuck down with bluetack so people can choose where they stick their money.

Fun runs & Marathons

If setting up an event seems too much right now, you could enter a fun run or marathon. We will support you as much as we can. If you are interested, send us an email and we can start planning. Click here for a list of some coming up in the following year.

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