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Becoming More Active, Wherever You're Starting From

Physical activity has a range of health benefits which include:

  • managing your weight
  • reducing the risk of developing certain illnesses (such as cancer and diabetes)
  • helping existing health problems
  • increasing energy levels and reducing tiredness


But what if you are new to exercise, have limited mobility or would prefer to exercise at home?

Being Overweight and Active

Many of us find it difficult to do enough activity and having limited mobility or being very overweight can make it extra challenging. We have put together some links that you might find useful in becoming more active, without having to buy any special equipment. Some of the information will be suitable for different groups of people.

>Seated and Gentle Exercises For You To Try At Home

>How much physical activity do we need to do?

>Top tips for becoming more active



Please note

It is advisable to consult you doctor or health professional before starting a new physical activity programme, particularly if you have any health conditions.

If you have any suggestions for other links or would like to share with us your own experiences that may help to encourage other people to get more active please contact


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