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Very Low Calorie Diets and The Cambridge Diet

A very low calorie diet (VLCD) is any diet that involves eating 800 calories a day or fewer. It should only be undertaken for 12 continuous weeks, or intermittently – for example, every two or three days – along with a low calorie or normal diet.

The Cambridge Weight Plan can be done as a VLCD but also offers a range of energy intakes from just over 400kcal/d to 1500kcal/d as total diet replacement formula diet or as part conventional food/part formula diet programmes. Use of the Cambridge Weight Plan is now supported by published randomised controlled trial evidence for weight loss, weight maintenance and sustained health benefit. Side effect profiles are fully published (flatulence, constipation, feeling cold, bad breath and dizziness being the commonest side effects) and the risk of gallstones is known and published.

Don't forget: if you decide to follow a particular diet and lose weight, then go back to the old habits that made you overweight in the first place, you will become overweight again.

Note:Weight Concern does not receive any funding from manufacturers or retailers of any commercial weight loss programme.


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