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Step 2: Getting a healthier balance of foods

Our bodies need a variety of nutrients in order to be healthy and function properly. Unfortunately no single food can provide us with all the nutrients that we need, so we have to eat a variety of foods.

Our bodies need some foods in larger amounts than others. This means that no food is banned, but we need to be careful about the amount we eat of each food.

What are you aiming for? The Balance of Good Health

The Balance of Good Health represents the types of foods and the proportions in which to eat them in order to achieve a healthy, balanced diet. The foods we eat are divided into five food groups. The model below illustrates the five food groups and proportions of each of the foods required for a healthy diet.

The basic message is:

  • Choose most of your foods from
    • bread, other cereals and potatoes
    • fruit and vegetables
  • Have smaller amounts of milk and dairy foods and smaller amounts of meat, fish and alternatives
  • Have tiny amounts of fatty and sugary foods


Reproduced with permission from the Foods Standards Agency

Step 3: Cutting down the quantities of food

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